Doyle Elementary School

About Us


174 West Gooseneck Rd

Doyle, TN  38559

 (931) 657-2287

We believe...


·        That as teachers we use researched-based strategies and assessment data to drive instruction.


·        That each child has the ability to learn and develop into contributing members of their communities.


·        Each child must have encouragement from both parents and teachers.


·        That each student must be provided a safe and secure environment in which they can learn.


·        That each student should have respect for all people to better enable him or her to become a useful member of society.


·        That there must be a positive learning environment in which students can develop a positive self-concept.


·        That each student must accept responsibility for completing all assignments and behaving in an appropriate manner.


·        That there must be a positive working relationship between parents and the school in order for each child to achieve the above mentioned beliefs. 

·        That each student will learn to read and by doing so will read to learn.

·   That each child will feel loved and appreciated and know that they belong. 

Doyle Elementary School is located six miles south of Sparta, Tennessee in rural White County.  We are a Pre-K through fifth grade school.