Doyle Elementary School

Doyle Elementary School

Parent Involvement Policy


            The intent and purpose of the Parent Involvement Policy is to create a positive working relationship between parents and the school in order for each child to achieve to his/her full potential. To the extent possible, we will provide full opportunities for participation of parents with limited English proficiency or parents with disabilities. The school will convene an annual meeting, and will offer a flexible number of meetings that  involve  parents in the review and improvements of Title I programs. An introduction and explanation of the Title I program will be presented at the annual meeting and also included as a part of an annual Title I Parent Survey.


            The policy is developed through the Parent Involvement Committee, consisting of faculty, parents, and staff of Doyle Elementary School. The committee will be involved in the decisions regarding the allocations of  the 1% of funds allotted for parental involvement, with the purpose of  targeting areas to help educate parents in ways to work with educators to improve the performance of their children.


            Educators at Doyle Elementary School assume the responsibility to use researched-based strategies and assessment data to drive instruction. The school will provide to the parents the results of the annual school report card. Individual student academic assessment results will be provided, as well as proficiency levels that students are expected to meet.


            The Parent-Student-Teacher Compact is designed to encourage parents to be responsible for supporting children's learning by encouraging regular attendance, making sure homework is completed, monitoring television/movie viewing, and having an ongoing communication with the teacher and school.


            This plan will be reviewed and updated annually and will be distributed to families at the beginning of each school year.     


for Doyle Elementary School


Academic Achievement: Math, ELA, and Science  A

Value-Added Growth: Math and Science A, ELA  B

Doyle Elementary School is a Level 5 school again this year. We are very proud of our students, our faculty and staff, and our parents. This is a joint effort by every stakeholder in our school and community to do our best for every child, every day.